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The Beza Kindergarten follows the Montessori method of early years learning.  The school provides a caring Christian environment and is open to children of all religions. 


Children join the school at 4 years old.  By the time they graduate to the local government school at 7 or 8, they have learned reading and writing, numbers and arithmetic, in Amharic and English.  They have also learned important life skills, the importance of good hygiene and nutrition and how to be kind, confident members of the community.


With the aim of building a financially sustainable model, the kindergarten also admits some children from families who are not enrolled in the project, and can afford to pay fees.  There is no comparable early years education in the area, and opening the kindergarten to families who, though far from wealthy, are on a more secure financial footing, allows the project to cover some of the costs of the provision.

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